Upcoming Show: September 15th!

The stage is set for our next show!  Writers prepare your pith!


This is an open mic, so we select readers out of a hat.  Here’s how you get in on the lottery for the night.

1.) Come down by around 6:15, and fill out a slip.

2.) If you think you might be late, tweet at us, or e-mail us, and we’ll make sure you’re in the hat.

3.) If your name was in the hat for the last show, and you didn’t get a shot to go up, we’ll give you an extra name in the hat this time around. If somehow you don’t get picked this time, you’ll get three in the hat for the October show. We want everyone to get a chance to read!

So prep those stories, and prep those super short stories for the lightning round.  We can’t wait to see you all there!

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The Very First Prose Bowl

On August 18, the writers of Brooklyn converged on Pete’s Candy Store for the very first Prose Bowl!  The room was filled to the brim, the hat overflowed with names and short stories, and a pair of sock monkey slippers stood ready as the prize for our victor.


We managed to get to five readers over the course of the night, and every story was fantastic.  Our panel had wit and insight for each and every one.

Our panel and our first five readers!

 After all our readers, the room went tense as our panel selected our finalists for the lightning round.  The room was in knots as the two faced each other down with as sparse a story as could be mustered.  In the dust of the pithy exchange, though, it was Johanna Buch who walked away with the slippers of victory with this super short story:

Johanna“The helium balloons were sagging, noticeable only to Kim who stood alone at the punch bowl, sipping doctored ginger ale through a pair of tiny straws, absorbing the hum of irrelevant conversations.” – Johanna Buch

It was a phenomenal first show, and we want to thank everyone who came out to read, or watch!

We also got the word that The Prose Bowl will be going up every third Tuesday of the month through February! We can’t wait for the next one, coming up September 15th!

About the Show!

Four writers come in, one writer leaves—or all of them do. But somebody gets a free drink.


We’re looking for the the best emerging fiction stylists in New York to vie for the highly coveted Prose Bowl prize of the evening: a free drink and a doo-dad of infinite impracticability.

If you’ve got a story that’s around 900 words, come on down. This is an open mic series, which means no slush piles, no long waits.  Your name goes directly into our hat of fate for the night.  But be ready!  Our esteemed panel may pick you to go to our lighting round, where the competition is fierce and the verbiage is terse. (As in, stories that could fit in a tweet.)

Non-writers, come out and see a great show. We have comedy, pathos, and a nail-biting final two minutes. And in the end, the winner is decided by our audience, so we need you to cheer on the best bit of pith you’ve seen that night.

Plus, it never hurts that it’s in happy hour.

Come see us every third Tuesday of the month at Pete’s Candy Store!
(709 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211)

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