The Very Second Prose Bowl

Our second Prose Bowl kept the tradition going. Pete’s was chock full of people and we had even more people in the hat this time around than the first. It was great to see so many writers ready to go, and we can’t wait to see all of you that didn’t get to go up this time around.

Our Readers and our host.

Our host got us off with a twist on six classic poems in a row, “in the room where writers come and go, reading in staccato.”  And then we went right into things with tales of cake and dubious dating websites.

After the break we got a good view into what makes a pair of wings, and then a story from the beach that served as a great close to summer.

Our readers, being awesome.

Thanks again to everyone who read.  It was another fantastic show!  Our panel had an extremely difficult choice in picking out the finalists for the lightning round.  So trying in fact, that they headed straight to the bar afterwards.

Whiskey just out of shot.

After a flashing exchange of pithy narrative, it was Rachel Pelz who took home the coveted ‘huggable candy bar,’ and became the second Prose Bowl champion.

See? Totally huggable!

It was an awesome show, and we’re proud to say, The Prose Bowl has been picked up through April of 2016!!  So hone your prose, ladies and gents.  Our next show is on October 20th.  We can’t wait to see you!  Happy scribbling to you all!


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