Feast of Fiction: A Thanksgiving Prose Bowl

We had quite the show, ya’ll.  How much show? Enough that I’m using the term ‘ya’ll.’ The room was standing room only by the time we were done with it, and there were a quite a few people who took a spot on the floor.

Our Thanksgiving show began with giving thanks to all of you for all the press we got last weekend. (No really, check it out.) Then the puns came out fast and furious, as our artist in residence, Christopher Green, managed to tackle the challenge of five Thanksgiving puns before the opening was done, with an assist from co-panelist, Zach.  Our guest panelist, Victoria Brown wisely looked on bemused.

Our illustrious panelists

Working at a fast clip we managed five readers for this big show, and everyone was a first timer for the Prose Bowl.

Philip brought us face to face with goofy looking camels, while Sophie let us know what it feels like to be sculpted.  In the second half, Gina gave us a new way to look at tomatoes, while Big F***ing Mike, brought us a really new way to see Mike Bloomberg.  Matt closed up the show joining the room in vitriol for Scott Logan.

After a heated discussion the Lightning Round came down to Gina and Phil.  It was a battle of wills that will be spoken for ages, but in the end Gina took it down with this bit of trenchant and terse verse:

The family gathered around the grave site and waited for the priest to step aside to reveal the headstone. They were relieved when they finally saw the engraving, as it was exactly what they had imagined it would be: “She died the way she wished she lived.” – Gina Levitan

Warriors fresh from the scrap

For her victory, Gina took home this month’s do-dad of infinite impracticability, a 1000 piece Big Lewbowski puzzle that really ties the room together. The spoils of battle are hard won, but that’s just, like, my opinion, man.

We can’t wait to see what the next show will bring.  Start those pens, and spare us some word count as you polish off the next great American Novel for NaNoWriMo, ya’ll.  And remember, our next show is on a Thursday.  Which means, I get to watch the Flash live for once!  (Seriously, what’s with name Eobard? Really!)

Great show, everyone! Can’t wait for the next one, and while I can’t reveal details yet, we can’t wait to tell you what surprises we have in store for you guys.  Happy turkey and pumpkin to you all!

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New York Loves the Prose Bowl

It’s official.  The Big Apple digs a literary brawl.  Tonight’s rumble in the urban jungle got a bit of press worth mentioning.

In fact, your local battle of pith has hit the pages of the Time Out New York, and the Times found us news fit to print.

Plus, this will be our first show trying out some new experimental technology.  It looks like this will be a big one ladies and gents.  So ready your 900 words, and brace yourself for the lightning round.


The Prose Bowl is here.

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Upcoming Show: Give Thanks for the Bowl of Prose!

We here at the Prose Bowl give thanks for short fiction, awesome people, and cheap drinks!  It’s almost that time again, guys.  This Tuesday is Prose Bowl number four.  Come on down for happy hour, and ready yourself for more really great and really short stories.


Also, come for the joy of watching your hosts try to come up with Thanksgiving puns.  There may be an awkward reference to the Detroit Lions.  That’s a Thanksgiving thing, right?  If nothing else, I’m thinking cranberry vodka cocktails should be on the menu!

We’ll see you on November 17th!  Prime the Prose, everyone!

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(Also, and this is covert information, but we’ll be trying something new this time around.  Something to ensure a record is kept of these epic battles.  Nothing too scary.  It’s not like we’re becoming pod people.)