Holiday Bowl…of Prose

Light a candle, kill a tree, roast some beef, and prep your lightsaber.  The Holidays are upon us, and so is the Prose Bowl.  Our first holiday show is actually on a Thursday rather than a regular Tuesday, so make sure to update your calendars.

Our writers will take to the stage the day before The Force Awakens comes to theaters by way of J.J. Abram’s team of bad robots.  We’ve been trying to work out how to add lens flares to our show, and we haven’t worked it out quite yet, but trust me, we’ll get there.

One way or another, block the Mariah Carey cycling on the radio, ignore the Love Actually apologists, and get thee to a keyboard, my consiglieres in craft.  It’s time again to forge a terse tale, and bellow it into the expanding night.

The last Prose Bowl of 2015, ya’ll.  We’ll see you there!

Thursday, December 17th @ 6:30 pm

Pete’s Candy Store – 702 Lorimer Street.

Want to perform? Check this out!  Trying to work out what this all is? Check here!


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