Upcoming Bowl: January 19th

The dawn of a new year has come, but the struggle rages on!

We’re set to kick off 2016 with another four headed beast of literary wrath in this month’s alliterative altercation!!

The only question is?

Will you be one of those heads?

Get thee to your desk, and begin the scribbling, my friends in fiction, for the Prose Bowl is once again upon us!!

We’re back to our normal Tuesday spot, and we can’t wait to see you guys in whatever sweater your mom got you for Christmas since January seems to be making up for December’s mild temperatures.

Want to be part of a quad-voiced spirit of prosaic rage?  Or rather, do you want to read at our show?  Check this out.

Trying to work out what this is all about? Look right over here.

See you guys soon!


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