The PB 2016 – Now with All Wheel Drive

We kicked off 2016 with another brutal Prose Bowl.  Though the weather outside was frightful, the dedicated gathered at Pete’s Candy Store to throw down with poniards of pointed prose.

After our host took the time to brake down the meaning of the ill frequently used slang term “brick,” that apparently means it’s really damn cold outside, we dove right into the battle.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 5.39.24 PM

Tim brought us through the bright and the dark of memory.  Bridget taught us how she makes her bed.  Mike took a shortened ride with some worrying characters.  And PJ had a never ending bottle of wine that I could have used on the weekend of Storm Jonas.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 5.40.56 PM

Our panel, comprised of artist-in-residence Christopher Green, and Brian and Jill from our cousin show, Pete’s Reading Series, provided kind commentary, before choosing our two finalists to go into the lightning round.

This time our two combatants were Bridget and Mike, and after a flurry of florid fables, Bridget took down this month’s do-dad of infinite impracticability.  She is shown below posing with her prize, her very own Wall Street Bull.


There were a few announcements as well.  The Prose Bowl staff is brewing up a podcast and some a Tournament of Champions to serve all of you denizens of diction.  This year looks to be a big one for the bowl.  We can’t want to see you all next month.

Bowl on, ladies and gentlmen.  Bowl.  On.


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