Next Prose Bowl – The Empty Box of Chocolates Edition

Hey everyone!  It’s time for another bout in the bowl.  Your favorite semi-competitive, open mic, flash fiction reading series is back!

We had a great go round in January, and now we’re looking to keep 2016 going with a big show in the aftermath of Valentines Day!

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 5.47.25 PM

Spend your Sunday trading cards, candy, and contractually obliged commercial offerings, with your beloved, and then on Tuesday come join us in the Bowl.  Bring what remains of your candy.  We’ll take it happily!

In the background we’re still warming up some exciting prospects, and we’re hoping to have some exciting updates for you all come the 16th, so get pen to paper ladies and gents, and even if you can send the source of your unrequited adoration the sonnets you’ve written, we’re always happy to hear them at Pete’s.  We’ll hold our hearts, raise a glass, and toast to better days.

And then battle for supremecy, of course.

See you there!!

Want to know what this Prose Bowl thing is all about?  Check here!

Want to read at our show?  Great! Check out the details here!