Slainte, Prose Bowlers!

March was a big show for the Prose Bowl.  It started off with our host railing against St. Patrick’s turning into a green Santa Con, before reciting some slightly twisted Yeats.

Then our storied artist-in-residence, Christopher Green, dropped the big news about the Super Prose Bowl coming up June 19th, and the Podcast going out all over the world, and the big Kickstarter to fund them both!  Take a look.  There’s awesome stuff in there.

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Prose Bowl stalwart, Jordan Zolan, was joined on the panel by Kaitlyn Greenidge who’s new novel, We Love You, Charlie Freeman, came out just last week.  It’s really phenomenal, and you all should take a look!!

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We kicked off the evening with Heather who read a story aptly named, “Good Reads,” about a woman having an extremely neutral evening.  Johanna read “Hide and Seek,” continuing the trend of very accurately named stories, since hers put us back in the mind of a youngling curled into a corner, waiting for their cousins to find them.  In the second half Dana  read “Untitled,” breaking the naming trend right open.  Dana introduced us to Meryl who might need a nurses help with her pants, but still wants her KOOLS.  Hundreds, please. Andrew decided to adhere to the earlier meme with “Love Letter From A Catarpillar To His Butterfly” about that exact thing.  Extra points for using the term pulchritudinous.

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We had one extra reader this time around. Tim Coover read at the first Prose Bowl, and has been a big friend of the show ever since.  He’s moving out to Taiwan, but he had one more story for us.  Tim read “Date Night,” and sang his way through the end of his story.


Our illustrious panel sweated over their choice but it came down to Heather and Dana in the Lightning Round.  These two gave in all in short, sweet, succinct stories, and when the dust had settled Dana took down the prize for the night.  A hooded ducky towel.  I’m going to say that again.  Dana won a hooded ducky towel.

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Dana even mentioned that her story came together waiting at the DMV earlier that day. Think about that, ladies and gentlemen.  You too might be able to turn wasted hours waiting for updated plates, into a hooded ducky towel of glory!!

We can’t wait to see you guys around next time, Bowlers!  Until then, check out the Kickstarter, and keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook.  We’ll have announcements and fun stuff for you guys all month!  See ya’ll soon!

…and seriously…Kickstarter.  Totebags are awesome.


A Kickstarter, A Podcast, and One Super Prose Bowl

Hey Everyone!  Last night was an amazing show, and I’ll have the recap up real soon, but we have some big news!

If you were at the show last night, you heard about our big plans for the future.  We want to start a Podcast to get the Prose Bowl out into the world, and we want to have a great big show with all our winners from the past; a Super Prose Bowl.

To get those things going, we put together a Kickstarter where you can get tickets to the show, get some awesome stuff like an anthology of Prose Bowl stories, and a Tote bag with our brand new logo!  There’s also some awesome opportunities to get story feedback, or have our crew do a dramatic reading.  There’s signed books, and meet ups with authors.  Heck, if you want dinner with the PB crew, that’s on there.

Check out the Kickstarter for all the details!

This show has been amazing so far because you guys have been great. We want to give all of you a bigger platform for your awesome stories, and bring you some awesome content.  So grab some tickets, or buy a tote bag to flash your fiction with style!

We’ll see you soon!

St. Patrick’s Prose Bowl!

Hey Everyone!

The Prose Bowl is up and running again, and we’ve got a big one lined up for March!  It’s just a couple days before St. Patricks, so you can help prime yourself for the holiday with a whiskey from the bar, while you prime your mind with some stories from Brooklyn’s finest.

Our special guest panelist this time around is Kaitlyn Greenidge, who’s fantastic debut novel just got released.  Take a look!


We’re going to have a few announcements for you guys.  Seriously, this is going to be a big one!  So get those 900 words slapped together and get yourself down to Pete’s Candy Store come Tuesday.  Let the Bowl Begin!!!

Do you want to perform? Take a look!

Want to know what this is all about? Click here!


Romance in a Hurry – Prose Bowl VII

Love was…kind of in the air, for our seventh round inside the Prose Bowl.  With Valentine’s day just a couple days past, our readers and audience walked in with the smell of candy and wine, tinting their well tuned tales.

First, Sangeetha, read “Romance Isn’t Dead,” featuring a woman who chose not to let go, even when things like mortality got in the way.  Next,  James read “Girlfriends and Cars,” looking over how his views on both changed as he gained miles on his own odometer.   After the break Mike read “Youth,” and found out how the silver screen and docks don’t often paint in the same brush.  Finally we had John, who read “The Slither,” and took us around alphabet city, scamming for what we could get.


Our panel had their work cut out for them.  Artist in Residence, Christopher Green, Giant in Residence, Zack Norton, and our guest panelist, Edyson Julio, dug through each of the stories from the evening, trying to find the right pairing.

In the end they decided on Sangeetha and James for the final round.  James tussled his neurons to come up with a story on the spot, and despite a valiant effort, Sangeetha took down the dodad of infinite impracticability, which, at least this month, was a big ole puppy.


Congrats to Sangeetha, and thanks to everyone who came down!  We’ll see you soon for our big March show!  Big reveals!  Big stories!  Decent weather!  It’s going to be fantastic.