Romance in a Hurry – Prose Bowl VII

Love was…kind of in the air, for our seventh round inside the Prose Bowl.  With Valentine’s day just a couple days past, our readers and audience walked in with the smell of candy and wine, tinting their well tuned tales.

First, Sangeetha, read “Romance Isn’t Dead,” featuring a woman who chose not to let go, even when things like mortality got in the way.  Next,  James read “Girlfriends and Cars,” looking over how his views on both changed as he gained miles on his own odometer.   After the break Mike read “Youth,” and found out how the silver screen and docks don’t often paint in the same brush.  Finally we had John, who read “The Slither,” and took us around alphabet city, scamming for what we could get.


Our panel had their work cut out for them.  Artist in Residence, Christopher Green, Giant in Residence, Zack Norton, and our guest panelist, Edyson Julio, dug through each of the stories from the evening, trying to find the right pairing.

In the end they decided on Sangeetha and James for the final round.  James tussled his neurons to come up with a story on the spot, and despite a valiant effort, Sangeetha took down the dodad of infinite impracticability, which, at least this month, was a big ole puppy.


Congrats to Sangeetha, and thanks to everyone who came down!  We’ll see you soon for our big March show!  Big reveals!  Big stories!  Decent weather!  It’s going to be fantastic.


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