A Kickstarter, A Podcast, and One Super Prose Bowl

Hey Everyone!  Last night was an amazing show, and I’ll have the recap up real soon, but we have some big news!

If you were at the show last night, you heard about our big plans for the future.  We want to start a Podcast to get the Prose Bowl out into the world, and we want to have a great big show with all our winners from the past; a Super Prose Bowl.

To get those things going, we put together a Kickstarter where you can get tickets to the show, get some awesome stuff like an anthology of Prose Bowl stories, and a Tote bag with our brand new logo!  There’s also some awesome opportunities to get story feedback, or have our crew do a dramatic reading.  There’s signed books, and meet ups with authors.  Heck, if you want dinner with the PB crew, that’s on there.

Check out the Kickstarter for all the details!

This show has been amazing so far because you guys have been great. We want to give all of you a bigger platform for your awesome stories, and bring you some awesome content.  So grab some tickets, or buy a tote bag to flash your fiction with style!

We’ll see you soon!


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