April Fools: One Word Stories!

Hey guys! (April Fools!)

Starting with the next show, we want to make the challenge for our readers even tougher. We want this to be the K2 of story writing, for that to work, there’s only one thing to do.




You heard me.

Starting with the April show, instead of getting five minutes to tell a story, you get one word.  I believe in you guys.  We can do this.  We can make this happen.  We can tackle that summit and have avocado sandwiches overlooking the peak.  With a little ham maybe.  Unless you’re vegan.  Then totally just avocado.

Just to prove the point, our host John Hague, and regular contributor Tim Coover gave it a shot.


We’re not sure John knows what that word means.


But Tim knows how to cut to the chase.


Okay, who is even giving John these words?


Tim remains on point, though, knocking out a solid one word story here.


Someone get this man a dictionary and a whiskey.

Surprisingly, even with only one word to work with, Tim still did manage to stretch for time.


I looked it up.  It actually is.

So get ready for next time, Bowlers.  It’s time to get seriously friggin concise.  If you have comments on this new policy, please submit them here. I’ll leave you with one last one-word story.


(Yeah, this was our April Fools post.  You should probably use at least a dozen or so words in a story.  And yeah, we’re keeping the five minute thing.  Thanks for playing along!)


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