The Time for Prose has Come!!

This is it, ladies and gents.  Our Kickstarter timer switched over from days to hours.  We’re in the final stretch.


Thanks to you awesome people out there, we met our initial goal, and we’re going to get to do the Super Prose Bowl, and the ProseCast? will continue to rumble your eardrums on the subway.

We’ve got enough to keep these going, but we really want to do more.  Our pilot episode of the ProseCast? was made with tin cans, and recorded on an etch-a-sketch.  With your help we can get real sound equipment, and make it sound even better.  Plus, we can get the word out, and bring in more guests to make the show even better.

The Super Prose Bowl is going to be awesome, but we have such big plans.  And every ticket or tote you pick up means it’s going to be a bigger and more awesome event. We’ve got enough to cover the cost of the theater, but we want to do so much more. Every copy of our anthology means a bigger show.  (With enough of them sold, John may even get the lazers he keeps bugging us for.)

So if you haven’t jumped on yet, now is the time.  We’ll be offering tickets to the big show after the Kickstarter, but we have to put in the orders for the books, bags, and bookmarks immediately to have them ready for the show, so now’s your chance to snap those up.

If you have become one of our illustrious backers, first, allow me to say, in the most Cumberbatchy manner possible…


You are awesome in every way, and we can’t wait to see you at the show.   Thanks for helping us make this show awesome.  If you get a chance, tell your friends about the show you’re going to.  Some of them might want to get in on this too.

We’ve got a big show coming up this Tuesday.  I hope we’ll see you there guys.  Until then, put pen to paper, and get those stories ready.  Good luck, fellow Bowlers.  Grab yourself a drink when you can, because hitting that word count is a pain, and…



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