The Prose Bowl Presents: Raise a Glass

The Prose Bowl returns for a special one night event: Raise a Glass!  We’re inviting everyone down to the Richardson to make a toast to just about anything.  If you want to praise the Oxford comma, or Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s pinkie toe, have at it.  We’re looking to have the best dinner party, complete with awkward pauses, crudite,  and more than a bit of booze.  It’s a free event, so if you want to raise a glass, come join, and if not, come anyway!  How can you turn down snacks, drinks, and moving tributes?!

If you do want to read, here’s the deal: Write a toast to something.  Anything at all.  We’re looking for pretty quick ones.  So if you write it in advance, look to  be around 400 words.  If you’re looking for an example, think of Jimmy Fallon’s thank you notes.  It can be funny, it can be moving, it can be real or fake.  If you’ve been sitting on a best man’s speech, and maid-of-honor speech for a while, knock it out with us.  And, hey, if you don’t want to read it yourself we have a few lovely actors who would be happy to read it for you.  Get to scribbling, ladies and gents!  Let’s raise a glass!