About the Show!

Four writers come in, one writer leaves—or all of them do. But somebody gets a free drink.

We’re looking for the the best emerging fiction stylists in New York to vie for the highly coveted Prose Bowl prize of the evening: a free drink and a doo-dad of infinite impracticability.


If you’ve got a story that’s around 900 words, come on down. This is an open mic series, which means no slush piles, no long waits.  Your name goes directly into our hat of fate for the night.  But be ready!  Our esteemed panel may pick you to go to our lighting round, where the competition is fierce and the verbiage is terse. (As in, stories that could fit in a tweet.)

Non-writers, come out and see a great show. We have comedy, pathos, and a nail-biting final two minutes. And in the end, the winner is decided by our audience, so we need you to cheer on the best bit of pith you’ve seen that night.

Plus, it never hurts that it’s in happy hour.

Come see us every third Tuesday of the month at Pete’s Candy Store!
(709 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211)

Want to perform?  Check out the details here!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Press: Brooklyn BasedGreenpointers, Brokelyn, Brooklyn MagBedford + Bowery, Flavorpill, Time Out New York, The New York Times



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