Romance in a Hurry – Prose Bowl VII

Love was…kind of in the air, for our seventh round inside the Prose Bowl.  With Valentine’s day just a couple days past, our readers and audience walked in with the smell of candy and wine, tinting their well tuned tales.

First, Sangeetha, read “Romance Isn’t Dead,” featuring a woman who chose not to let go, even when things like mortality got in the way.  Next,  James read “Girlfriends and Cars,” looking over how his views on both changed as he gained miles on his own odometer.   After the break Mike read “Youth,” and found out how the silver screen and docks don’t often paint in the same brush.  Finally we had John, who read “The Slither,” and took us around alphabet city, scamming for what we could get.


Our panel had their work cut out for them.  Artist in Residence, Christopher Green, Giant in Residence, Zack Norton, and our guest panelist, Edyson Julio, dug through each of the stories from the evening, trying to find the right pairing.

In the end they decided on Sangeetha and James for the final round.  James tussled his neurons to come up with a story on the spot, and despite a valiant effort, Sangeetha took down the dodad of infinite impracticability, which, at least this month, was a big ole puppy.


Congrats to Sangeetha, and thanks to everyone who came down!  We’ll see you soon for our big March show!  Big reveals!  Big stories!  Decent weather!  It’s going to be fantastic.


Next Prose Bowl – The Empty Box of Chocolates Edition

Hey everyone!  It’s time for another bout in the bowl.  Your favorite semi-competitive, open mic, flash fiction reading series is back!

We had a great go round in January, and now we’re looking to keep 2016 going with a big show in the aftermath of Valentines Day!

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 5.47.25 PM

Spend your Sunday trading cards, candy, and contractually obliged commercial offerings, with your beloved, and then on Tuesday come join us in the Bowl.  Bring what remains of your candy.  We’ll take it happily!

In the background we’re still warming up some exciting prospects, and we’re hoping to have some exciting updates for you all come the 16th, so get pen to paper ladies and gents, and even if you can send the source of your unrequited adoration the sonnets you’ve written, we’re always happy to hear them at Pete’s.  We’ll hold our hearts, raise a glass, and toast to better days.

And then battle for supremecy, of course.

See you there!!

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The PB 2016 – Now with All Wheel Drive

We kicked off 2016 with another brutal Prose Bowl.  Though the weather outside was frightful, the dedicated gathered at Pete’s Candy Store to throw down with poniards of pointed prose.

After our host took the time to brake down the meaning of the ill frequently used slang term “brick,” that apparently means it’s really damn cold outside, we dove right into the battle.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 5.39.24 PM

Tim brought us through the bright and the dark of memory.  Bridget taught us how she makes her bed.  Mike took a shortened ride with some worrying characters.  And PJ had a never ending bottle of wine that I could have used on the weekend of Storm Jonas.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 5.40.56 PM

Our panel, comprised of artist-in-residence Christopher Green, and Brian and Jill from our cousin show, Pete’s Reading Series, provided kind commentary, before choosing our two finalists to go into the lightning round.

This time our two combatants were Bridget and Mike, and after a flurry of florid fables, Bridget took down this month’s do-dad of infinite impracticability.  She is shown below posing with her prize, her very own Wall Street Bull.


There were a few announcements as well.  The Prose Bowl staff is brewing up a podcast and some a Tournament of Champions to serve all of you denizens of diction.  This year looks to be a big one for the bowl.  We can’t want to see you all next month.

Bowl on, ladies and gentlmen.  Bowl.  On.

Upcoming Bowl: January 19th

The dawn of a new year has come, but the struggle rages on!

We’re set to kick off 2016 with another four headed beast of literary wrath in this month’s alliterative altercation!!

The only question is?

Will you be one of those heads?

Get thee to your desk, and begin the scribbling, my friends in fiction, for the Prose Bowl is once again upon us!!

We’re back to our normal Tuesday spot, and we can’t wait to see you guys in whatever sweater your mom got you for Christmas since January seems to be making up for December’s mild temperatures.

Want to be part of a quad-voiced spirit of prosaic rage?  Or rather, do you want to read at our show?  Check this out.

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See you guys soon!

Winter Writings – Prose Bowl V

We closed out 2015 with one last bout in the Prose Bowl.  Thanks to another tip of the cap from the Grey Lady, and a touch of counter scheduling with the opening of the new Star Wars movie, we packed the house again down at Pete’s.

Our host opened the show with a quick quiz, featuring Prose Bowl inspired summaries of your favorite holiday songs. To wit:

Creative adaptation will ensure the survival of the fittest, vis-a-vis bioluminescence.  

– Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

From there we dove right into the stories.  Tim bought us to Vietnam for the holiday season, and Mike discussed a couple of his wives.  Rebecca showed us a CIA agent coming home, and PJ hung out with a duck.

Our panel went straight into deliberations.  The panel itself was a bit of a holiday miracle: a reunion of our very first Prose Bowl, featuring Jordan Zolan and Katie Duennebier.


After the debates were quelled with libations, Tim and PJ were chosen to go into the lightning round.  The competition was tight and terse, but in the end PJ came out the winner with this turn of phrase:

The horny teen marched away from the cabin into the dark woods, alone. Never knowing this is a horror story.


His reward for his victory?  A socktapuss, and a singing dreidel!

Thank you to everyone who came out, and everyone who made 2015 such an amazing year for us.  We have big plans for 2016 as the bowl expands, so keep and eye out, and keep the pen going, friends.  We’ll see you over the horizon!


Holiday Bowl…of Prose

Light a candle, kill a tree, roast some beef, and prep your lightsaber.  The Holidays are upon us, and so is the Prose Bowl.  Our first holiday show is actually on a Thursday rather than a regular Tuesday, so make sure to update your calendars.

Our writers will take to the stage the day before The Force Awakens comes to theaters by way of J.J. Abram’s team of bad robots.  We’ve been trying to work out how to add lens flares to our show, and we haven’t worked it out quite yet, but trust me, we’ll get there.

One way or another, block the Mariah Carey cycling on the radio, ignore the Love Actually apologists, and get thee to a keyboard, my consiglieres in craft.  It’s time again to forge a terse tale, and bellow it into the expanding night.

The last Prose Bowl of 2015, ya’ll.  We’ll see you there!

Thursday, December 17th @ 6:30 pm

Pete’s Candy Store – 702 Lorimer Street.

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Feast of Fiction: A Thanksgiving Prose Bowl

We had quite the show, ya’ll.  How much show? Enough that I’m using the term ‘ya’ll.’ The room was standing room only by the time we were done with it, and there were a quite a few people who took a spot on the floor.

Our Thanksgiving show began with giving thanks to all of you for all the press we got last weekend. (No really, check it out.) Then the puns came out fast and furious, as our artist in residence, Christopher Green, managed to tackle the challenge of five Thanksgiving puns before the opening was done, with an assist from co-panelist, Zach.  Our guest panelist, Victoria Brown wisely looked on bemused.

Our illustrious panelists

Working at a fast clip we managed five readers for this big show, and everyone was a first timer for the Prose Bowl.

Philip brought us face to face with goofy looking camels, while Sophie let us know what it feels like to be sculpted.  In the second half, Gina gave us a new way to look at tomatoes, while Big F***ing Mike, brought us a really new way to see Mike Bloomberg.  Matt closed up the show joining the room in vitriol for Scott Logan.

After a heated discussion the Lightning Round came down to Gina and Phil.  It was a battle of wills that will be spoken for ages, but in the end Gina took it down with this bit of trenchant and terse verse:

The family gathered around the grave site and waited for the priest to step aside to reveal the headstone. They were relieved when they finally saw the engraving, as it was exactly what they had imagined it would be: “She died the way she wished she lived.” – Gina Levitan

Warriors fresh from the scrap

For her victory, Gina took home this month’s do-dad of infinite impracticability, a 1000 piece Big Lewbowski puzzle that really ties the room together. The spoils of battle are hard won, but that’s just, like, my opinion, man.

We can’t wait to see what the next show will bring.  Start those pens, and spare us some word count as you polish off the next great American Novel for NaNoWriMo, ya’ll.  And remember, our next show is on a Thursday.  Which means, I get to watch the Flash live for once!  (Seriously, what’s with name Eobard? Really!)

Great show, everyone! Can’t wait for the next one, and while I can’t reveal details yet, we can’t wait to tell you what surprises we have in store for you guys.  Happy turkey and pumpkin to you all!

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New York Loves the Prose Bowl

It’s official.  The Big Apple digs a literary brawl.  Tonight’s rumble in the urban jungle got a bit of press worth mentioning.

In fact, your local battle of pith has hit the pages of the Time Out New York, and the Times found us news fit to print.

Plus, this will be our first show trying out some new experimental technology.  It looks like this will be a big one ladies and gents.  So ready your 900 words, and brace yourself for the lightning round.


The Prose Bowl is here.

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Upcoming Show: Give Thanks for the Bowl of Prose!

We here at the Prose Bowl give thanks for short fiction, awesome people, and cheap drinks!  It’s almost that time again, guys.  This Tuesday is Prose Bowl number four.  Come on down for happy hour, and ready yourself for more really great and really short stories.


Also, come for the joy of watching your hosts try to come up with Thanksgiving puns.  There may be an awkward reference to the Detroit Lions.  That’s a Thanksgiving thing, right?  If nothing else, I’m thinking cranberry vodka cocktails should be on the menu!

We’ll see you on November 17th!  Prime the Prose, everyone!

Want to see what this is all about? Click here!

(Also, and this is covert information, but we’ll be trying something new this time around.  Something to ensure a record is kept of these epic battles.  Nothing too scary.  It’s not like we’re becoming pod people.)

The Prose Boo-wl III (Ghostly Pun edition.)

Twas a dark and stormy night when the denizens of literature congregated at Pete’s Candy Store to bear witness to the rapid recitation of macabre musings, and all the spirits such speaking invokes.

…Actually, it was rather mild, and pretty bright throughout, but, you know…


Our host set the scene early, and our readers took us all to some frightful places.  P.J. Krifko put us in the car with Wingo at the wheel, and Lindsey Boyle left us in the woods, swallowing tadpoles.  Dan Levinson asked us to make right with Beardo the Weirdo, and Johanna Buch had us looking to a certain future holiday with a myriad of pies.


Our panel, including stalwart Zach Norton, and special Guest Andrew Lloyd-Jones considered each piece and provided startling feedback, while co-founder Christopher Green made Halloween puns and creepy noises.  Yeah, it was a thing.


In the end it was Lindsey and Johanna in the lightning round.  No monsters were brought to life, but the audience was struck with the power of their combined pith.  So much so that no winner could be decided.  The prize for the evening, a very full bucket of candy, was chopped and both Lindsey and Johanna walked away with quite the bundle.

It was a great show, thanks to our amazing readers, and everyone that attended.  You guys make the room a great place to perform, and we want to thank you so much for coming down and making this show as awesome as it is.

Officially, the best audience ever.

We’ll see you guys in November, for a new cornucopia of prosaic delights.  (Yep, I’m starting in on the Thanksgiving jokes now.)  See you soon!

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