Profiles in Brevity

Here’s a sampling of the panelists and readers who’ve been brave enough to venture forth into the Prose Bowl.  Take a look at our storied warriors, and remember, you are only nine hundred words away from finding yourself here.  
For those about to read…we salute you.

Past Readers: Lindsey BoyleDan Levinson, P.J. Krifko, Johanna Buch, Gina Levitan, Tim Coover

Panelists: Jordan Zolan, Zach Norton, Katie Duennebier, Andrew Lloyd-Jones, Victoria Brown

Hosts: Christopher Green, John Hague

(Click on the stars to go back to the big list.)


Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 5.39.13 PMTim Coover is a writer, teacher, and graduate of St. John’s College in Annapolis, where he studied the Great Books and other unfashionable but fascinating things. After college, he spent some time abroad, including two years teaching English in China. Since returning to New York, he has been working on a novel based (loosely) on his experiences in China and the people he met there. Tim is now a four-time veteran of the Prose Bowl, and he would like to heartily recommend the experience to other writers (even if you don’t have much prior experience on a stage).


0Gina Levitan is a native New Yorker, runner, and librarian. Prose Bowl was the first time Gina has read her work since her 5th grade writing class at P.S. 290. The last three books she’s read were The Story of the Lost Child by Elena Ferrante, Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut, and M Train by Patti Smith. You can find her on twitter @blinablevitan and if you couldn’t already tell, she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Gina took down our first Thanksgiving Prose Bowl! And she was one of our finalists at the Super Prose Bowl!


Lindsey Boyle is a public relations Lindseyprofessional, graduate student and writer. By day she promotes hot hardware for a Fortune 500 tech company, and by night she studies Humanities and Social Thought at New York University. When on shore leave from office and library journeys, she turns her wildest dreams into short fiction. After a nomadic childhood with stints in the Azores Islands, Germany and Texas, among other exotic locales, she now calls Brooklyn home. Follow her on Instagram @ linds_boyle and on Twitter @lindseyyboyle

She was the co-winner of the 3rd Prose Bowl and took down a massive bucket of candy. She’s also the reigning Super Prose Bowl winner!  


Dan Levinson is a NY-based writer of specu12023219_741654097674_1884065870_nlative fiction. Trained as an actor at NYU’s Tisch School of Arts, he also writes for the stage and screen. He grew up immersing himself in fantastical worlds, and now creates them. He is the author of the Psionic Earth series; its second entry, Shadows Collide, was released September 2015 by Jolly Fish Press.

You can tweet him over @ReadDanLevinson, and find his book at


P.J. Krifko is a writer, producer11988305_1655649081316413_6130029121376241828_n, storyteller, daydreamer, and avid YouTube watcher (not always in that order). He has been published as a comic writer, prose writer, journalist and in 2014 produced and wrote his first short film. calls his work “atypical and original.” His Mom calls him “Handsome.”

More information and work from P.J., including his story “Things Abstract and Invisible” which was performed at our first show, can be found at his intuitively-named website:

PJ took down a glorious victory with the help of a duck at our first holiday show! He also competed in the first Super Prose Bowl!


Johanna Buch is a creJohannaative writer currently residing in Brooklyn, which gets complicated during football season when her Wisconsin roots turn her into a bawdy Packers fan. By day, she works as a corporate copywriter. By night, she puts her BA and MFA in Creative Writing to work and attempts to make sense of her life on the page. Her work has appeared in Inkstone; rock, paper, scissors; and Rain Taxi Review of Books. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her exploring Brooklyn, drinking coffee, telling stories with dramatic hand gestures, and dancing shamelessly in public. Follow her on Twitter at @jmb_nyc.

Johanna was the champion of our very first Prose Bowl!!  And she shared a win in our 3rd!  And was a finalist at the Super Prose Bowl.  The woman is damn impressive is all I’m saying.


unnamedVictoria Brown is the author of Minding Ben, (Hyperion 2011), released in paperback as Grace in the City, (2012). She has an MFA in Fiction from Hunter College. Her writing has appeared in The Guardian, New York Magazine,, Sunday Salon, Moko Caribbean Arts and Letters, Apogee Journal, and elsewhere. Her work is also forthcoming in Caribbean Quarterly. She teaches at the City University of New York and is currently at work on her second novel.

Victoria was on our panel for the Prose Bowl’s Feast of Fiction.


Zach Norton is an editor, writer, and ZachUX designer with over 8 years of publishing
experience. He previously worked for Virgin Comics, the Onion, and McGraw-Hill Education before becoming a freelance designer. He loves stories of every length and genre and pursues graphic design and the Holy Grail in his spare time. Zach lives and works in Brooklyn.

Zach provided insight and tallness for our second Prose Bowl. He continued his tall streak at our third. He shrunk slightly for the fourth, but no one noticed.  When it came time for the Super Prose Bowl, we knew we needed him to return.



Jordan Zolan has led many lives.  He ran Improv Nation, created challenges for reality shows, and convinced you to give a thirty percent tip.  Now he has his sights on the greatest stage, getting his masters degree in global studies, and starting his world wide domination in the obvious place: Canada.  He also has Scott Baio’s phone number, but don’t bother asking for it.

Mr. Zolan served as a panelist on our very first Prose Bowl, and returned for our holiday edition.


1510697_10152019859345878_1775453868_nKatie Duennebier is a writer, editor, and teacher who lives and works in Brooklyn. Having run the gamut of experimental careers in New York City (including waiting tables, acting, fundraising for off-Broadway theater, interning at New York Magazine, and teaching yoga), she co-founded and edited, the Red Branch Journal, which featured fiction, poetry, and art from contributors worldwide. Currently she teaches first grade and studies at Bank Street College of Education. She is currently working on adapting a short story into a novel that may or may not involve otters. Also, she recently taught her cat how to play fetch, and went as Wendy Peffercorn for Halloween.

Katie was a panelist for our very first Prose Bowl!  She returned for our second prose bowl, and then took a victory lap at our holiday edition! She also held down the panelist table at our first Super Prose Bowl!



Photo: David Stewart

Andrew Lloyd-Jones was born in London, England and grew up in Anchorage, Alaska. He won the Fish Prize with his story “Feathers and Cigarettes”, and his writing has featured in theTales of the Decongested anthologies, in the Canongate collection Original Sins and in the anthology Down the Angel. He is a co-founder of the original Liars’ League in London, and now lives and writes in New York. You can find out more about him at

Andrew was one of our panelists for the Halloween edition of the Prose Bowl.


10441321_675395854724_5703946485168330552_nChristopher Green is a recent New York transplant from Cincinnati, currently residing in Brooklyn with two roommates and one slightly internet-famous cat. He holds both a BA and MA in English, helping him to reach his ultimate goal of raising underemployment to an art form. His stories have appeared in several journals and magazines such as Burner, The MacGuffin, and The Ampersand Review. He is currently working with his agent to publish two novels, one of which is sort of about vampires but not really and it’s kind of a whole big thing and maybe he just shouldn’t have brought it up.

Christopher came up with the idea for the Prose Bowl watching crickets fight in his back yard.  He has served as our artist in residence for every show.


12039492_10207066366230296_4785746944172824327_nJohn Hague has hosted many a game night, a few comedy nights, and a couple mac and cheese offs, but he takes the most pride in hosting the Prose Bowl.  Dribbled out the side of the University of Iowa’s writing program, John went on to perform stand-up in comedy clubs around the city for five years, three months, and thirteen days, which was the exact moment he ran out of funny.  Now he mainly scribbles and is desperate to write a better sword fight than the one in Princess Bride.  It’s like finding the Unifying Theory of Physics!

John has hosted the Prose Bowl for every show.  He is pictured here in an upside-down Mets cap, which means he is seconds from disappointment.



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