The Super Prose Bowl!

Everything leads to this. The monkey slippers. The holiday puns. The Lightning Rounds. That one time when the coyote in the basement almost got ou—wait, you probably don’t know that story.

Anyway: this is it. The Tournament of Champions. The Writer’s Crucible. The SUPER Prose Bowl.


Why so Super? Because we take the winners from our regular shows and pit them against each other in brutal (read: not that brutal) literary combat. Funny, heartbreaking, or bewildering, these stories will have to bring their A-game if they want to take home the top prize—which, just for the occasion, might actually be something of true practicability.

The stage is bigger, the prizes mildly useful, and the bragging rights supreme.  The Super Prose Bowl is the height of human competition; Flash Frigging Fiction.

Check out the recap of our first Super Prose Bowl here, and remember.  All it takes is one story and you could win a spot alongside the warriors of history.

Write your way to glory, ladies and gentlemen.  Write your way…to glory!