Lightning Round

One of the most vexing challenges of the Prose Bowl is the final Lightning Round, where the challenge is to tell a story as quickly as possible.

Also known as:

  • A tweet length story
  • A story told in one breath
  • A story fit for a goldfish

We’re basing this on the short story that’s always attributed to Hemmingway:

For Sale, baby shoes, never worn.

Here are a few examples from Prose Bowl’s past that might help you work out yours!

“The helium balloons were sagging, noticeable only to Kim who stood alone at the punch bowl, sipping doctored ginger ale through a pair of tiny straws, absorbing the hum of irrelevant conversations.” – Johanna Buch, winner of the First Prose Bowl

“The horny teen marched away from the cabin into the dark woods, alone. Never knowing this is a horror story.” – P.J. Krifko, winner of the Fifth Prose Bowl

“A quick romp through puddles soaked them both to the skin, maybe even the bone, which boded well for afternoon cuddling.” – Johanna Buch, winner of the First Prose Bowl

It had already been six months when she got his letter.  She read two sentences, grinned, and reached for a red pen.”

“A man drops his tie on his desk, and lights it on fire.  It seemed faster than writing a letter of resignation.”

If you need more info on how to get ready to perform, take a look here!